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The Top 12 Most Dangerous Intersections in Hawaii

The Top 12 Most Dangerous Intersections in Hawaii

November 7, 2017

Unfortunately, the state of Hawaii is not immune to devastating car accidents, which commonly occur in a number of dangerous intersections. Many drivers and pedestrians are not completely aware of their surroundings while on the road, opening the door for a number of serious accidents. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, it is essential you are extra vigilant when you are in the vicinity of any major intersections.

According to data collected over the span of a year, the following are the top 12 most dangerous intersections in Hawaii:

  • Alakawa Street, 104 accidents
  • Kalakaua Avenue, 78 accidents
  • Waialae Avenue, 147 accidents
  • Exit 20 in Kalihi, 138 accidents
  • Exit 21, 134 accidents
  • Exit 23, 121 accidents
  • North School Street, 106 accidents
  • Punchbowl Street, 67 accidents
  • Kalia Road in Waikiki, 63 accidents
  • Ala Lilikoi Street in Salt Lake, 59 accidents
  • South Beretania Street, 56 accidents
  • Waialae Avenue, Kaimuki, 55 accidents

Intersections are particularly dangerous, as these accidents are commonly a result of distracted driving. However, they are entirely preventable if only for the attentiveness of all those behind the wheel.


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