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IME doctor seeks to disbar attorney who disclosed her misconduct

IME doctor seeks to disbar attorney who disclosed her misconduct

February 17, 2016

Independent medical examiner (IME) Dr. Rosalind Griffin has filed a grievance against Attorney Steven Gursten seeking to have the attorney’s license revoked and to have a damning blog post taken down. The blog post describes how she diminished her patients’ medical conditions in order to save the insurance company she is affiliated with enormous amounts of money in claim payouts.

In Hawaii, the disturbing practice of insurance companies hiring doctors to write medical reports for injured people after one brief exam has been going on for decades. These IME “hatchet jobs” devastate thousands of seriously injured people around the U.S., because these doctors only have the insurance companies’ bottom lines in mind – not the recovery of the patient.

Dr. Griffin’s attempts to suppress Attorney Gursten’s dissemination of a cross-examination transcript, and get him disbarred in the process, raises important questions about First Amendment rights.

The attorney shared the cross-examination transcript after discovering that the answers Dr. Griffin’s provided were drastically different from what really happened with his client, a man who had suffered shattered vertebral discs and a significant traumatic brain injury, among other injuries, in a truck accident. The answers she claimed the injured man gave were far different from what he really said, suggesting that Dr. Griffin may have knowingly committed perjury in order to reduce the damages and legal compensation that the at-fault trucking company would have been responsible for paying. This ultimately cost him the payout he desperately needed.

Interestingly, Dr. Griffin happens also to be a member of the Michigan Attorney Disciplinary Board, the agency that disciplines lawyers.

Click here to view the drastic differences between the answers the injured client gave to Dr. Griffin on his condition and compare them to the answers Dr. Griffin gave in testimony.

This is just one of many cases of IME doctors engaging in shady practices that actively work against the best interests of injured people. There are enormous financial incentives for IME doctors to minimize injuries and lie if it helps the side that hired them. IME abuse can happen to anyone, and sadly, it is all too common for seriously injured people to be cheated out of the compensation they deserve for their medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and more.

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