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How to keep your kids safe and pumpkins boo-tiful this Halloween

How to keep your kids safe and pumpkins boo-tiful this Halloween

October 25, 2011

With cart loads of candy and fun and frightening costumes to show off it’s no wonder that Halloween is the popular holiday it is – and no surprise that its one of the most dangerous days of the year for young children. While parents take extra precautions to keep their youngsters away from strangers, tampered candy and dangerous roads, oftentimes one of the most popular Halloween pastimes goes by unnoticed – pumpkin carving.

Juggling young children, a large pumpkin and sharp objects frequently lead to stabbed fingers and palms – which are the most frequent injuries when pumpkin carving. To avoid serious injury keep the pumpkin clean and dry and carve the pumpkin before cleaning it out to avoid the temptation to put your hand inside and cut into it. Rather than using kitchen knives invest in a pumpkin carving kit which are easier to control and not as sharp. And never let young children carve the pumpkin – instead give them a safer task such as drawing on the design or scooping out the seeds and pulp.

Preventing accidents – even simple ones such as pumpkin carving- can help everyone avoid accidents and suffering down the road. As a personal injury law firm based in Hawaii we sincerely hope all families enjoy a spooktacular and safe Halloween.

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