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March 25, 2020
Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner is open and ready to help.
May 2, 2018
Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Accident With Officer Awarded 3 Million
May 1, 2018
We Urge for No More DUI Crashes on the Leeward Coast
June 27, 2016
Jim Leavitt talks school tools for KITV interview
March 11, 2014
Traffic jams in paradise: study shows Honolulu traffic 2nd highest in nation 3 years in a row
November 15, 2013
Honolulu police fight drunk driving with unannounced DUI checkpoints
September 23, 2013
Honolulu harbor molasses spill: how will it affect residents & tourism?
September 16, 2013
Hawaiian tourist injuries & deaths reported at sea & on land
August 28, 2013
Kaneohe teen skateboarder dies in truck accident
August 14, 2013
Recent string of Oahu moped accidents results in serious injuries
August 14, 2013
Study shows Hawaii's 2012 motorcycle accident fatalities triple national average
March 21, 2012
Arsenic discovered in organic brown rice syrup commonly used in infant formula and energy bars
November 23, 2011
Hawaii incident raises questions on zip line safety
November 17, 2011
Tour helicopter crash leaves five dead on Molokai

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