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Each year, thousands of tourists are drawn to Hawaii's famous beauty and charm. While many people have the time of their lives visiting our state, occasionally a tourist suffers an injury serious enough to require legal representation. In order to protect the viability of your case and achieve a timely settlement for your injury, seeking counsel from our Honolulu personal injury lawyers from the beginning is absolutely essential. Our attorneys at Leavitt Yamane & Soldner are intimately familiar with Hawaii state law and its bearing on tourist injury cases. They have negotiated many similar situations and are well-versed in resolving the numerous legal complexities.

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Complexities of Tourist Injury Cases

In cases of injury to an out-of-state visitor, many problems can arise in the interplay between Hawaiian insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and doctors and their out-of-state counterparts. In such multi-state cases, logistical issues and conflicting state laws can further complicate matters significantly.

Types of Tourist Injury Accidents

With Hawaii's array of leisure activities, visitors are more vulnerable to a wide range of injuries. Certain tourist injuries involve especially complicated legalities that necessitate exceptional legal counsel. Our attorneys are skilled at litigating cases of Hawaii tourist injury caused by motor vehicle accidents and more.

Auto Accidents

Hawaii has unique laws governing auto accidents. Since it is a modified no-fault state, accident victims aren't automatically entitled to bring a claim against a negligent driver. Furthermore, tourists are commonly impacted by Hawaii's distinctive rules and regulations regarding insurance coverage in rental car situations.

In auto accident cases, the following parties are involved in litigation:

  • The accident victim's insurance company
  • The at-fault driver
  • The car rental company
  • The victim's doctor are all involved in litigation

Since accident victims must deal with the complex interactions between these entities, enlisting legal counsel is essential to successful litigation.

Sorting Out Interstate Insurance Legalities

Hawaii laws dictating insurance coverage and reimbursement for out-of-state doctors often conflict with victims' home-state laws, since Hawaii's no-fault rules limit reimbursement for out-of-state doctors. In such cases, expert legal counsel is needed to untangle Hawaii laws. Our Honolulu-based tourist injury lawyers at Leavitt Yamane & Soldner have the experience and expertise to do just that. We will advise you about what to do, how to receive medical care, and who to bill in your home state for your medical treatment.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Tourists unfamiliar with their surroundings are especially vulnerable to slip-and-fall injures due to inadequate public handrail supports and other environmental hazards. Slip-and-fall accidents are especially hazardous for children and the elderly, and can cause broken bones and even traumatic brain injury. Our lawyers are skilled at navigating the inter-state legalities of personal injury due to such accidents.

Airplane, Helicopter, and Boating Incidents

Visitors travel to and from Hawaii using a variety of means, including airplane, helicopter, and boat transport. Many tourist injuries during transport involve the liability of a responsible party operating in the Honolulu, Hawaii area. Our tourist injury lawyers have the experience and know-how to litigate your case and achieve fair compensation for your injuries.

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