Types of Car Accidents in Hawaii

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Although most people take their driving routines as an inevitable and relatively safe part of their lives, auto accidents are a common occurrence and a very real risk for the operator of any vehicle. Our experienced Honolulu car accident lawyers at Leavitt Yamane & Soldner know only too well how dangerous the congested roads of Hawaii can be, having handled cases involving nearly every type of auto crash possible.

A serious auto accident can take the form of a:

Regardless of the types of vehicles involved in the accident, serious and even deadly consequences can occur, devastating victims and their families. If you or a member of your family has been injured in a car accident, our personal injury lawyers in Honolulu can help.

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Causes of Collisions Between Vehicles

The most common type of car accident is the rear-end collision. While rear-end collisions are less likely to result in death, they can and often do result in vehicle damage and serious injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, and lacerations. While adverse weather conditions and faulty equipment (for example, malfunctioning brakes) may lead to a rear-end collision, driver negligence is often the cause. Many rear-end collisions occur because a distracted or speeding driver simply does not pay appropriate attention to the actions of the driver in front of him or her. Likewise, a driver who fails to maintain his or her automobile properly puts other motorists at risk, increasing the chances that a vital piece of equipment will fail at the wrong time. Even when inclement weather is the direct cause of a rear-end collision, driver fault may be an issue, particularly if the driver failed to exercise the heightened diligence that such weather conditions demands.

Less common, but more likely to result in serious injury or death, are side-impact or head-on collisions. In the case of side-impact collisions, the occupants of a vehicle are simply afforded less structural protection when an automobile is struck from the side. In the case of head-on collisions, the opposing momentum of two vehicles, especially when they approach each other at high speeds, leads to particularly forceful impact.

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Whatever the type of accident, if one driver acted negligently, victims and their families should consult with one of the car accident lawyers at our Honolulu law firm to learn more about their rights and legal options.

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